Getting Around the City

Getting Around the City

Getting Around the City

Montreal has an excellent public transit system. It is safe and fast, and you can get almost anywhere with it. It is operated by the STM [Societé de transport de Montréal]. STM Fares usually go up every year. Click here for the latest fares from the STM website.

The Metro

The metro has 68 stations on four lines (Green, Orange, Yellow and Blue) connecting the island of Montreal to the island of Laval and the South Shore. You can get a map of the metro and bus system at any metro station or at the map page of the STM website. The metro and buses run seven days a week from 5:30 am until 12:30 am (1:00 am on Saturday nights). There are differences on different lines.

Bus Schedules

To get schedules for buses, you can get a free schedule on the bus or at metro stations the bus stops at. Also, you can download the schedules from the Planibus site in pdf format.

OPUS cardTickets

If you use single tickets, they work for a one-way trip. You put the ticket in the turnstile, and it comes out again on top. Keep your ticket, because it is a transfer for taking the bus after the metro, or the metro after the bus. It is also proof that you paid.


In some programs, the fees include an OPUS card for unlimited travel on the island of Montreal. If your OPUS card isn’t included, and you are under 26 years old (or over 65) and a full-time student, you can get a special OPUS card to get cheaper monthly passes for the bus and metro in Montreal. Go to the Client Services counter on the 11th floor to get special letter that lets you get a special photo-ID OPUS card from the STM Photo Studio, at 1717 Berri Street, at the Berri-UQAM metro station. The card costs $15, but you save a lot for monthly passes. For the cheaper student price, it is about 60% of the price of regular passes.

Registering Your OPUS Card

If you register your OPUS card, the STM will replace it if you lose it, including the weekly or monthly fares on it. To register your OPUS card, you need fill out a form online and upload a photo of your card. You can get all the details here: Register your OPUS Card


Information about the bus service in Laval: Laval STL.

For bus service on the South Shore: Longueuil RTL