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French Words

French Words

French Words

In Montreal, you will hear many languages, but this is the second largest French-speaking city in the world (after Paris). Downtown and in the western part of the city, many people speak English. Many francophones (French speakers) in Montreal also speak English as a second language, so it is usually possible to use English in many parts of the city. However, some francophones don’t speak English, so it is good to learn a few French words or phrases to help you enjoy your time in Montreal. Here are some useful expressions in French. Click on the French words to hear them.

Common Phrases

Hello Bonjour
Thank you Merci
Excuse Me Excusez-moi
I’m sorry Je m’excuse
Please S’il vous plaît
I need… J’ai besoin de…
I would like… Je voudrais
I don’t understand Je ne comprend pas
Do you speak English? Parlez-vous anglais?
Sir, mister Monsieur
Madam, Ms. Madame


Sale Vente
Bargain Aubaine
Savings Rabais
Large Grand(e)
Small Petite
Parking Stationnement
Elevator Ascenseur
Customer Service Service à la clientèle
Money Argent
Coins Monnaie
Card Carte


Bus Autobus
Subway Métro
Ticket Billet
Monthly Pass CAM
Weekly Pass CAM Hebdo


One Un
Two Deux
Three Trois
Four Quatre
Five Cinq
Six Six
Seven Sept
Eight Huit
Nine Neuf
Ten Dix
Eleven Onze
Twelve Douze
Thirteen Treize
Fourteen Quatorze
Fifteen Quinze
Sixteen Seize
Seventeen Dix-sept
Eighteen Dix-huit
Nineteen Dix-neuf
Twenty Vingt

Signs on Doors

Exit Sortie
Push Poussez
Pull Tirez
Open Ouvert
Closed Fermé
Washroom Toilette
Men Hommes (H)
Women Femmes (F)
Do Not Enter Accès Interdit

On Maps

Street Rue
Road Chemin
Highway Autoroute
City Ville
North Nord
South Sud
East East
West Ouest
Bridge Pont
River Fleuve
Beach Plage
Island Île
Park Parc

Filling Out Forms

Name (Family) Nom
First Name Prénom
Date of Birth Date de naissance


Thirty Trente
Forty Quarante
Fifty Cinquante
Sixty Soixante
Seventy Soixante-dix
Eighty Quatre-vingt
Ninety Quatre-vingt-dix
Hundred Cent
Two Hundred Deux-cent
Thousand Mille
1-20 1-20

Good luck with your French vocabulary!