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Media and Communications

Media and Communications

Media and Communications

Montreal has lots of media in English that you can listen to or read to help you practice English.

Television (TV)

Television is a great way to practice English. Watch programs that you are interested in to help you improve your listening. We have three English TV stations in Montreal that you can get without having cable service.

Name Channel Cable Website iPhone Android
CBC 21 (6) 13 (6) CBC Montreal CBC App CBC App
CTV 12 11 (7) CTV Montreal CTV App CTV App
Global 15 3 (8) Global Montreal Global App Global App


Montreal has many English radio stations and they are another great way to practice your English listening. In Canada, there are two broadcast radio bands: AM, which is 520 to 1610 KHz, and FM, which is from 87.5 to 108.0 MHz. With many stations, you can also listen on the internet, but you can buy a radio very cheap, and many cellphones and mp3 players let you listen to the radio, too.

Number Letters Name iPhone Android
FM 88.5 CBC Radio 1 CBC Radio CBC Radio
FM 90.3 CKUT McGill Radio CKUT Online Streaming

There are also many US radio stations in English that you can hear in Montreal. One that is interesting is Vermont Public Radio, WVPS FM 107.9.

Post Office

Canada Post is the government post office in Canada. Most post offices are small ones inside other stores, especially drug stores like Pharmaprix, Jean Coutu and Uniprix. Sometimes they are in supermarkets and department stores, too. They are usually open every day, but their hours might be different than the store they are in.

To find a post office near to where you live, use the Find a Post Office link on the Canada Post website. Just enter your postal code or address. At most post offices, the workers speak English or French, because it is a service of the Government of Canada.

Canada Post Logo


Stamps for letters to anywhere inside Canada don’t have a price on them, so even if the price goes up (it goes up almost every year), the stamps can be used. Here are the prices of stamps for letters under 30g and postcards (2016):

To Price
Canada $1.07*
U.S.A. $1.30
International $2.71

*if you buy a booklet of 10 or more. Individual stamps are $0.92

To find the rates of other mail, such as registered, or parcel (package) mail, check the Rates and Prices at Canada Post or ask at the post office.

Sending Parcels

If you want to send a parcel (package) to your country, you can send it by surface (ship) which is cheapest but slow (4 to 6 weeks, depending on the country), or by air which is faster (1-2 weeks) but more expensive.

Images courtesy Tatoute and Everaldo at Wikimedia Commons