Handbooks for LIC programs
Farewell Party

Farewell Party

Farewell Party

On the last night of the program, there will be a farewell party on the same floor as the dining room in the EVO residence. This is a celebration of the time you have spent with us here at McGill University in Montreal. All the monitors and teachers will be there. The events are semi-formal – which means everyone usually dresses up – the women wear dresses and nice shoes, and the men wear a jacket and tie. Some students bring special clothes to wear. Sometimes a student bring traditional clothes to wear.

farewell cocktailCocktail Party

Before dinner, there is a cocktail party. There will be non-alcoholic and alcohol punch to drink. This is a chance for the students, monitors and office staff and special guests to chat and mingle. A special guest will make a speech at the cocktail party.



A banquet is a big dinner party for many people. You will sit at tables with students from your class, with your teachers and your class monitors. There will be an appetizer course and a main course of the dinner.


Attestation Ceremony

After dinner, there will be an attestation ceremony, like a graduation ceremony. You will be called to the stage to receive your attestation certificate from your teachers and officials. There will be group photos taken.


The Show

After the formal part of the evening, everyone has a lot of fun with the show. Each residence monitor group prepares a performance – maybe singing, maybe dancing, maybe acting out a sketch or a story – anything you group wants to do. There is usually a little break after the ceremony because some groups want to change their clothes for this part. Each group has their turn on stage.

Homestay families from the optional weekend in August are invited to attend this part of the farewell party. Not every family is able to attend, but some do, so you may see you homestay family again.



After the show, there is time to take more pictures and say goodbye. Most students are flying home the next day, and some have to get up early in the morning for the bus to the airport. It is a happy (and a little sad) farewell – until we meet again!

Images courtesy Megan Hudson, McGill University