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Solin Hall Neighbourhood

Solin Hall Neighbourhood

Solin Hall Neighbourhood

Solin Hall is conveniently located near Lionel Groulx Metro station. It is a short walk along a path between Solin Hall and the metro entrance, located on Atwater Avenue (see the image). From here, McGill metro station is a short ride (4 stops) on the Green Line. You can take the Orange Line to Montreal’s Old Port, for example.

Map to metro station from Solin Hall














For more information about Solin Hall, click here. https://www.mcgill.ca/students/housing/rez-options/downtown-undergrad/solin


From Atwater Avenue, the street in front of the metro station, you can reach a variety of shops and services. Here are a few important ones:

  • Super C is a convenient and affordable supermarket. (147 Atwater Avenue, open 8am – 11pm)
  • Near the Super C, there is the SAQ, (155 Atwater Avenue) the Quebec government alcohol store, selling imported wine, beer and liquor. You can also buy domestic beer and less expensive wine in corner stores called dépanneurs or in grocery stores.
  • Pharmaprix is a drugstore store and it also sells some basic foods, such as bread, milk and eggs. (2740 Notre-Dame Street West, open 9am – 10pm).
  • For a quick coffee and snacks to go, there is a Tim Horton’s in the Esso gas station nearby (700 Atwater Avenue, open 24 hours)

When you have more time to explore, Atwater Market (138 Atwater Avenue) is great for ready-made food and for groceries. In the summer, they have many food stalls, some like the Satay Brothers, that have become very popular. You can read more about Atwater Market on the page about Shopping in Montreal, under Public Markets.

There are many more interesting places to discover along Notre Dame St. You can find everything from poutine (Dilallo, 2523 Notre-Dame Street West) to French bakeries (Mamie Clafoutis2660 Notre-Dame Street West).

For those feeling adventurous, there’s a small boat rental shop (H20 Adventures) and a bike rental shop (MyBicyclette) along the Lachine canal. From Atwater market, walk towards the canal and cross the bridge. The boats are on the left and the bikes are on the right. You can read about the Lachine Canal in more detail on the page Places to Go in Montreal.

On the market side of the canal, you can take a ride on Montreal’s floating cafe (Canal Lounge Cafe Flottant).