Food Events

Food Events

Short immersion programs usually include opportunities to try Montreal and Quebec food specialties as fun cultural events.

Event Supplies

In addition to knives and cutting boards that need to be washed and put away for next time, LIC buys disposable supplies in bulk for our food events to make things efficient and reduce the environmental impact as much as possible:

  • biodegradable paper plates
  • compostable disposable knives and forks and chopsticks
  • non-chlorine napkins made from recycled material
  • small drink boxes – easier to manage and there is less waste than with bottles and plastic cups

These supplies are stored in a store room and we try to waste as little as possible.

Montreal Bagels

Fairmount Bagels, cream cheese, smoked salmon, capers

Bagels may be a lunch in the classroom (winter) or a picnic in the park (summer). LIC has equipment for this popular event: cutting boards and bread knives so each group can have the whole experience.

Visitors like our students are interested in classic, authentic cultural experiences. We use Fairmount sesame bagels, and frozen BC smoked salmon. Cream cheese is bought in bulk, and monitors need to take time to prepare, and divide the supplies appropriately among the classes.

Smoked Meat & Poutine

Schwartz’s, poutine.

Sugaring Off

Érablière Raymond Meunier et fils is about 45 minutes away in Richelieu on the South Shore.
School buses will pick up the group at 11:15 and take them there for the traditional lunch, including cretons, coleslaw, pea soup, bread, maple wieners, ham, omelette, pancakes, les orielles de Christ, grand-pères, and sugar pie. The property has a petting zoo with some exotic farm animals, and a shop where the do tire for the students.

They can also take horse-drawn wagon ride around the forest. If it is too cold, they play disco and oldies in the huge dance hall, which can be a fun way for the students to burn off some calories. The DJ likes to teach line dancing – it is a cultural experience.

325 Rang des 54, Richelieu, QC J3L 6R5  Map

Sushi Night

This tradition in the August program evolved from the kindness of program founder Professor Emerita Fumiko Ikawa-Smith, who for many years invited the entire program to her home for sushi supper.

Now, we hold the event in the classrooms at 688, inviting the class monitors and having the Japanese teach everyone else how to make maki (rolls). We get sushi rice and ingredients from a restaurant supplier, and divide the group up by class.