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Employment at LIC – Instructors

Employment at LIC


The first time you work for us, you need to complete a casual employment form for the department, and provide bank information for direct deposit. You will also need to provide proof you can legally work in Canada – a scan of a birth certificate or passport or PR card, or of your work permit.

These documents must be sent to Christina Angelopoulos who is responsible for payroll in LIC.

Transit and Activities Stipend

When they are working on a short immersion program, we pay monitors a $65 stipend to cover public transit and social expenses (coffee, ice cream, etc.). You must be able to travel on STM public transit with your students on outings, and if your role requires airport pickups, you are expected to get to the airport using your monthly or weekly OPUS card, which allows passage on the 747 bus.


The online timesheet system is being tested in the summer 2017. You will receive a personalized link by email to a timesheet for your program for that pay period. You will be able to access it remotely, without having to come to the office every day. You will still need to sign once, at the end of the pay period, when it is printed out and totaled. If you are working on two programs at a time, you will have different timesheets for each program. Remember to use 24 hour format so the timesheet can calculate automatically. This is a screenshot of a sample timesheet.

Other Employment Opportunities at LIC

Conversation Partners are like language monitors in that they animate conversation for students in the intensive English and French programs. The intensive programs run year-round. Contact Coordinator Kevin Callahan for more information.

Invigilators are needed for various placement and proficiency testing, including the EPT for the part-time programs, the TELP for English proficiency, TEFAQ and DELF/DALF for French proficiency. Inquire at the main office (room 1181, telephone 514-398-1212) to see if any invigilators are needed for upcoming testing events.