LIC Online Student Handbooks

Intensive Program

English Language and Culture (ELC) Program

This is the English Language and Culture (ELC) program at McGill’s School of Continuing Studies.


ELC has 8 levels and 8 courses. Each course lasts 6 weeks.

Course Code Course Name
CEGL 213 Elementary 1
CEGL 223 Elementary 2
CEGL 313 Intermediate 1
CEGL 323 Intermediate 2
CEGL 333 Intermediate 3
CEGL 355 Bridge to Proficiency
CEGL 413 Advanced 1
CEGL 423 Advanced 2

Placement Test

There are two parts of the placement test – a written part and an oral interview (by Skype). Both parts contribute to placing you in the best level for you.


You will have two teachers for your IELC course, Instructor A and Instructor B. Normally, Instructor A teaches from Monday to Thursday (mornings plus Monday afternoon) and Instructor B teaches Tuesday to Friday (afternoons plus Friday morning). Your class will be visited by conversation partners twice a week at lunch time, so you can get some extra speaking practice then, as you eat your lunch in the classroom. On Friday afternoons (week 2 to 5), the conversation partners organize special cultural activities after school.

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday*


9h30 – 12h00


Class Instructor A Class Instructor A Class Instructor A Class Instructor A Class Instructor A or B


12h00 – 13h00


lunch lunch with Conversation Partners** lunch lunch with Conversation Partners** lunch


13h00 – 15h30



Class Instructor A Class Instructor B Class Instructor B Class Instructor B Class Instructor A or B




  After school activity with Conversation Partners   After school activity with Conversation Partners Cultural outing with Conversation Partners (starting at 2:30 PM)

*class finishes at 2:30 PM
**once or twice a week – your class may have a different schedule


Your teacher will provide some photocopied material in class, but sometimes you may need to download materials from the MyCourses site, or bring your tablet to view it in class. In some levels you may need to buy an extra book.

Conversation Partners

Conversation partners are English-first-language McGill students (usually studying Education) who come to help IELC students practice conversation as a part-time job. They will visit your class at lunch time and organize special activities on Fridays. These special activities include visits to museums or tourist attractions, social events or cultural festivals. Most activities are free, but you may need to pay admission fees for some events. The teachers will tell you the schedule of events.

a teacher in a classroom with two students
a teacher in a classroom with two students

Cultural Discovery Project

Each level has a  unique special group project that they work on for a few weeks, leading to a presentation near the end of the course. This is the Cultural Discovery Project (CDP). In most levels, this requires going out of the classroom to visit somewhere or interview someone as part of your research. The subjects are related to some aspect of Montreal, Quebecois or Canadian culture.


Every course at McGill has a MyCourses page, where you teacher will put documents, listening, links, activities, assignments and other material for the course. It is like a webpage for the course. You can access MyCourses with this link: Click on McGill to log in with your McGill username (your McGill email address) and password.

Image courtesy Megan Hudson, McGill University