LIC Online Student Handbooks

Our School

Our Building – 680 Sherbrooke West

Our school is in 680 Sherbrooke West, a skyscraper on the corner of Sherbrooke Street and University (Robert-Bourassa) Street. It is near the Royal Victoria College residence and the Chemistry building. It has 20 floors. Our school is the 10th, 11th, 12th and 13th floors.


There are two ways to get in the building from the street. The main door is at 680 Sherbrooke Street, just at the bus stop for the #24 bus, behind the inukshuk sculpture. There is also a back door, near the corner of Robert-Bourassa and President Kennedy streets. Near this door, you can find a tunnel passage to connect to McGill metro station underground.

 Sometimes there is a line-up for the elevators, because there is a rush-hour in our building at the beginning of classes, and sometimes after lunch. Sometimes, the wait for the elevator is long, so it is sometimes faster and more convenient to take the stairs between our classroom floors.

Finding Your Classroom

In our language school, all the classrooms are on the 10th, 11th, 12th and 13th floor. If you aren’t sure what floor your classroom is on, just look at the first two numbers.

Floor Classrooms
  10th 1017, 1025, 1041, 1047, 1051, 1055, 1061, 1065, 1076, 1078, 1085, 1088, 1091, 1093
  11th 1145, 1151, 1155, 1161, 1165, 1181
  12th 1255, 1261, 1265, 1271, 1279, 1285, 1295, 1299
  13th 1342, 1351, 1355, 1361, 1365, 1371, 1395, 1399


Each floor in our building has a men’s washroom and a women’s washroom. The men’s is on the west side of the building, next to the west stairs and the drinking fountain. The women’s is on the east side, next to the east stairs. The washrooms are in the same place on every floor.

Drinking Fountain

The tap water in Montreal is safe to drink, so it is not necessary to buy bottled water. On each floor, there is a drinking fountain in the hallway, next to the men’s washroom. These fountains have a cooling unit to make the water extra cold. Some of the fountains have a special tap to easily fill reusable water bottles or cups.

drinking fountain near the mens washroom
a cool drinking fountain for refilling your water bottle

Main Floor

In French, the main floor is called the rez-de-chaussée [RC]. In our building the main floor has the McGill Bookstore.

2nd Floor

The second floor of our building has some useful things:

  • a bank machine (ATM)
  • a uPrint photocopier/printer 
  • a walk-in computer service center (Room 285). If you have problems with your computer, your wifi, your smartphone or other device when you are using McGill’s systems, the McGill IT Walk-in Help office can help. They can usually fix your problem in a few minutes. They are open from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday to Friday. You have to make an appointment.
  •  MCLL: the McGill Community for Lifelong Learning. This is a part of the School of Continuing Studies, and Languages and Intercultural Communication works with them for the SPEAK conversation partner program and the Brainy Bar workshops.

10th floor

Most IELC classes are on the 10th floor. There is a uPrint copier near room 1041.

Classroom 1085 in 688 Sherbrooke West
Classroom 1085 in 688 Sherbrooke West

11th Floor

The 11th floor is home to the offices of Languages and Intercultural Communication in 1181. You should go there if you need to see the Program Coordinator for your program or to see a member of the administrative staff. The door is usually locked. Just knock on the door, and someone inside will press a button to let you in. Wait for the “buzz” then push on the door.

Also on the 11th floor is Client Services. This is the big service counter you can see on the right when you get off the elevator. This is the place where students in regular programs register for courses and pay their fees.

You will get your student card at Client Services. They will take your photo and you will sign your name, and wait a few minutes to get your card.

12th Floor

All our computer labs are on the 12th floor of our building. To go to the computer labs, you go left from the elevators, through the glass doors. You can’t use the door on the right side – it has an alarm, and is for emergencies only.

public computer lab 1271
The public computer lab 1271 is open every day. Ask the lab monitor to let you in. You must show your McGill ID card.

If you are with your teacher, he or she will open the door of the lab to let you in. There is a public lab (1271), that is open from 9:00 AM in the morning to 9:00 PM at night. To use the public lab, ask the lab monitor who is sitting at the counter in the hallway. There is a uPrint photocopier/printer near lab 1299.

13th floor

The 13th floor has classrooms, teacher’s offices and a small student lounge and a small lunch area with a few microwave ovens and vending machines.

the cafeteria space on the 13th floor

No Smoking

All McGill buildings are non-smoking. You have to go outside to smoke – even in winter!

red mcGill hoodieMcGill Bookstore

The McGill Bookstore has a store in the main floor of the 688 Sherbrooke West building. You will find all books for language programs there, and McGill brand clothes, books, pens, cups, gifts – everything McGill. It may be a good place to get some souvenirs of your time at McGill, or a gift for someone back home.

Every class room in our building has a telephone. To contact security, dial 3000, or press the button that says “Security”. They will contact police or ambulance for you. If you are outside of the school, call 911 for emergencies (police, ambulance, or fire).

Fire Evacuation

green exit symbolIf you hear a fire alarm at any time, you need to evacuate the building.Do not take the elevators – take the stairs only. Remember, there are two sets of stairs, one by each washroom.

When you go down the stairs, you shouldn't take your things with you. Don't use your cellphone – it is distracting and you everyone needs to walk quickly and safely. Also, please carry a coffee with you – it is crowded and it is easy to spill.

Once you leave the building, keep moving and go across the street or down the block, away from the building, for your safety and to make sure emergency workers can easily enter the building. In some buildings, the exit sign is in French and it says [ SORTIE ]. If you exit to the front of the building, go out and turn left and walk to McGill College street and wait there for instructions to return. If you go out on the Robert Bourassa side of the building, cross the street by the metro entrance and wait there.

Lost Items

Please note that the University buildings are open to the public and the University is not responsible for lost or stolen objects. For this reason, we ask that you do not leave valuable articles in the classroom. Lost and found articles are sent to the security desk on the main floor, near the elevators. You should ask there if you lose something.