Serious Rules – Monitors

Serious Rules

  1. finger pointingSafety of the students is your #1 responsibility.
  2. Treat the students and each other with respect – you are representing McGill University and Canada, and your conduct reflects on both.
  3. Charge your phone to 100% before you meet your group ever day.
  4. Carry $50 in cash on you when you are with your group. You never know when you may have to jump in a taxi or buy some food or something else.
  5. Keep the receipts.
  6. For residence monitors, if you need some time for personal matters during the program, don’t hesitate to ask the Head Monitor to help make arrangements for other monitors to cover your group for that time. What is important is that the students and other monitors all know where you are and when you’ll return.
  7. Monitors sometimes want to bring friends and/or partners around to meet their students. For certain special events, this is all right, but it should in no way distract you from your responsibility to be talking to your students. Think about it – if you had another job and your friends were hanging around when you are working, you will probably not be as focused as you should be on your work.
  8. You are working as part of a team – the residence monitors are a team, and each set of class monitors are a team – and to function well you have to communicate, share information, and support each other.
  9. The other monitors are great people, and they are fun to hang out and talk with – but not when you are with your students. You’re here to socialize with your students, not with the other monitors. The program is short, and you’ll have time to hang out with your new friends when it’s over.
  10. Sexual relations with the students on our programs are strictly forbidden. Relationships among the monitors are your own business, but keep it off the clock – the students should not be aware.
  11. Alcohol and other drug consumption while working with students is not permitted.